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Drakesleat No Stone Unturned (Mayhem) not happy her blanket is washed!

Below two baby pups having their first play at 3 1/2 weeks old


         Drakesleat Phyllis Tyne being looked after by Jester!

               Sheila's new litter        





                   Sheila's new babies "sunbathing"     Luis .."I never went near the Pond!"     Gretel.. " She pushed me in"

Special Offer   Dick Dastardly   Brown Sugar

 Part of the first dachshund litter of 8 puppies Ch Hussy , It Ch Rogue & Hooligan


Ch Alyn at 7 Weeks

                       Clover .. D Day at 12 weeks


Stone the Crows  Cheez Doff  & Lettuce Inn at 8 weeks

Champions Verrami Brown Doff and Verrami Burn Toffring Drakesleat                       just 6 weeks old
                  Drakesleat pups in the garden American Champion Drakesleat Swede Dreams just before leaving the UK     for his new home in Texas ..6 mths old


Pups trash the conservatory

         Champion Drakesleat I Rest My Case as a baby

Drakesleat Rolling Stone .. Jagger

 Drakesleat Stone Cold Soba ...Soba










Cristin & Brown Sugar both winners of many Best Puppy in Show awards. Cristin won the Halcyon I W Club puppy cup          Champions Miss Alliance 8 weeks and the young Riff Raff

Ch Tokyn >

International Ch Tryn 

and the wheaten Trebyl at 10 weeks



<Toots at 5 mths


Will he ever grow into those ears?

Champion Kryn

at 9  weeks

wer'e gonna climb a mountain

 Will I ever catch you up ? D Day & Kate at 9 & 7 weeks old

     Ch No Stone Unturn'd as a baby

Voodoo at 7 weeks .. Jeffs new "Wonder Dachs"   

Drakesleat Voo Lay Voo

Baby Wolfhounds in the snow


Jagger her brother


 12 weeks old Wolfhound pup














Mandymouse with the first litter at Drakesleat of Min Wires .. 8 pups!


Drakesleat Jentyl with her all wheaten litter

Soba at 12 weeks

 Gone to bed!



Anna with her yoghurt .. Drakesleat Bahn Anna


   Champions Drakesleat Toot Sweet and Ten To One at 6mths



Jagger just sorting out the orchids






Drakesleat Musyk, Jentyl, Range Rover & Ch Riff Raff