Starhill Lady of the Lake at Drakesleat

               Please don't think she is as sweet as she looks!        

                   Alice sorting her bed out, & dragging it all outside.

    & making sure no one could get out of bed,                                          by blocking the pop hole!

This is what the doors should look like

This is the result of Alice eating both bedding & carpet..               the longest pooh we have ever seen! 



She digs with her mouth, which takes ten minutes to wash out!

Just some of the dirt from her mouth!


She likes to re-arrange the kennels!

                  Alice wins the Reserve Challenge Certificate at the            Northern Dachshund !


   Alice has just come back from an hour missing                in the fields. Huge stomach & wet lips. What has she eaten?

Alice is a daughter of Ch Cheez Doff (by Brown Doff) x a                  daughter of Ch Verrami Brown Doff ..hence her colour


Alice finds it difficult to get out of bed some days!

          Alice up a tree, difficult to see how high she is,

          but it is about 8 ft up!



Alice has her photo taken for a new Dachshund book

Alice in the rabbit trap.. note she has eaten all the carrots


Alice has been in the house for a few days.. She prefers the cushions on the floor,  how much longer can I stand it?

She gets into a tangle with Banner's toys!


Alice now can't get out

  The fence was put round the bird table to keep                                      the dachshunds OUT!



Isn't she winking at me?

You are supposed to drink the water not stand in it Alice


     Well she can pose for her photo at Windsor from our               friend Fay

Just before her class at Windsor..on the cool bag, trying to get in!


This is Jagger ..just back from rabbiting!

Alice has an understudy..  Jagger never did this before            she arrived


This is an Alice hole! She puts the stones she digs up carefully in her bed

Alice took full advantage of me leaving the car for a coffee on    the way home from Paignton show. Our Best of Breed prize was demolished by her & Summer, leaving two dachs looking like footballs, with another show two days away. Will she make the weight? She was not chastised, as she won the Reserve CC there,  & I should have known better than to trust her!

                I didn't mean to kill the collared dove, it just flew into my mouth!


What will she do next?


Alice gets a special birthday card from her breeder Mags Hooper !

Will she live to three?

Alice going up a tree after apples

                                 Alice "I'm stuck!"           "Well come down then!"


OK... but I didn't get an apple!

I'll just get one of the Cox's then, nearer the ground..

Challenge certificate at the Lancs & Cheshire Ch show    .....          days later her second at the South Wales KA, & within 14 days a Champion!!     Then........

CC Best of Breed & Res Best in Show at the Midland Dachs


Champion Alice! She's a superstar! She now has a waistline, & is muscled up



What now? What?   I was only going to borrow the duster

The duster won't go through the door, you will have to tidy up

my mess inside!