Pictures by Yoko Yamamoto                                                                    


watch all the way through to see the Drakesleat's playing football!


Luis & puppy Goblin playing

Champions Sovryn and Easy Come



Nature is full of surprises

And settles the size of them all

The thick & the thin & the square & the squat

And the long & the short & the tall;

So we're willing to pose for your picture,

But when it comes out don't laugh

If instead of the couple of dogs you expect

We look more like a dog & a half

A poem by Alan Reeve-Jones


Vince Sogan with his namesake Vince Hogan editor of Our Dogs

Simon Parsnip with his namesake Simon Parsons editor of Dog World

Kids love Wolfhounds

Causing mayhem ..the team just arriving at a show!

Frankly My Dear--                                                I Don't Give A Damn !

Fred & Krys -- I wonder whose shoe was being rearranged


Dick Dastardly .. one of the All Time Top Stud dogs, showing off what he's got!

Matthew tonight I'll be --

Dick.. still hamming it up at 18 years old

Zena &Hasse enjoying a game

   Ch Why Knot, Ch I rest My Case, Nuffin Toulouse Ch Vincent Van Goff & Ch Otto Bahn just arrived at a show



7 Champions in the dog house !

Are you sure you ate it all?

Runen, Yer I be and Klose Encounter

                     Finn.. Ch Runen relaxing on a hot day



       Where did you say you wanted the sand shifting to?


                   Hasse .. Ch Prints Fillup.. in the water

                                         A good tug of War

  Where we going ? the forest at Plympton Devon  
    Did I eat too much for lunch? Fred at 8 weeks          Champions Drakesleat Yer I Be .. Kyak 9 weeks .. and Roisin

Art Frob... Lahti & her Dolly



Dachsies love kids!




                                            Mandy Pumps ...Mandy in the Air

<Can I have a go with the tyre ?




Phew these wellies smell >

<I do love you Oddy

Ch 'Ere Say (Biddie)

with her best friend





This is why Pups need a sand pit !

     Toto.. the film & stage star >




< The concentration..







<how contorted can you get Jeff? (but he did win the Reserve CC)









Below .. "Oh so serious" Rachel kindly showing Ch Kwite Kute for us