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Top Brood Bitch Phyllis Tyne

Top Stud Dog ... Otton the Scent

Top Min Wire Win Tin Tin

Top Puppy Scent Sybil

Top breeder in the Hound group for 2013  ... Zena


Top breeder in the Hound group for 2012  ... Zena

Top Min Wire... Win Alot

Top Stud Dog ... Otto Bahn


MAY CONTAIN NUTS.. Nutty..   1st show..Res Best Puppy in show Great Joint Dachs

Runner up Pup of the Year Hound Show , Dachshund Club CC + Best Puppy,  Boston 2nd Puppy Stakes,  Res B Bitch Manchester,    CC Best of Breed Southern Dachs,  Now has 2 CCs & 7 Reserve CCs 


   Ch Drakesleat Otto Bahn   Top Stud dog in 2012

sire now of 10 Champions and 11 CC winners




Top Min Wire 2013

Winner of the Jackdaw Trophy for most outstanding Dachshund for 2013

Win Tin Tin.. CC Best of Breed  WELKS , CC Hound Show of Scotland, CC Dachs Club of Wales, Reserve CCs Southern dachs, Leeds & Miniature Club, Best Dog Manchester, East of England & Blackpool.  CC BOB Northern dachs, CC BOB Birmingham Nat, CC Bath, Best Dog Blackpool, CC Windsor, CC BOB Hound Show, CC BOB Birmingham City, CC Lancs & Cheshire,         CC SWKA, CC Midland Co, CC Dachs Club



Sybil...CC Birmingham (kennel mate Best of breed)

CC Best of Breed Belfast

CC BOB  Best In Show Lancs & Cheshire dachs

CC BOB Reserve Best in Show Midland Dachs

CC BOB  Midland Co

CC BOB Reserve Best in Show Gt Joint Dachs

CC Best of Breed Dachs Club

Group 3 Boston 2014

Scent Sybil otherwise known as "Sybil"photo Emma Black

 Best of Breed Manchester and Runner up Pup of the year stakes ( her first show)

Best Puppy.. Best Puppy in Show Dachs Club of Wales

Best Puppy.. Res Best Puppy in Show Miniature Club

Best Puppy.. Res Best Puppy in Show Wire Club

Best Puppy.. Reserve CC.. Winner Pup of the Year stakes day three WELKS,

Best Puppy  Puppy group 2 Birmingham

Best Puppy. Reserve CC Bath, 1st Puppy stakes

Best of Breed Blackpool, and East of England

CC Birmingham (brother Best of breed) Reserve CC Birmingham City


  " Favour"..    Ch Drakesleat Ott Favourite ..  daughter of  Tracker, Best Bitch Southern Co        ( BOB Luis)

Reserve CC (to a daughter of Winshoten) at the Wirehaired Dachs Ch Show

Favour wins her first CC at the Hound show. ( Best of breed Noddy)

Here she is as a junior >>>

CC Best of Breed Windsor

CC Hound Show

and now all grown up! & a Champion!



    This is baby "Trubble" sire Neil's on Wheels, bred by Gerry Lancaster      from Ch Deal to Win's dam, Her first show Blackpool, where she was      Best Puppy and reserve Best Bitch to Sybil  

and at 6 mths growing up fast! First big win in Ireland Green Star bitch

Neil winning group 4 at Bray Southern Ireland now has 8 green Stars     2 CACIB, 1 Res CACIB

Irish Champion "Neilie Wheelie"



Sybil winning at Bath photo Lisa Croft Ellio


Champion Win Tin Tin






Drakesleat Neils on Wheels ..Neil has attended 7 Ch shows with 7 first prizes, and started a short campaign in Europe. First show Res CAC Res CACIB, now in Ireland with Evan Ryan, he has attended just a few shows winning 8 Green Stars, two CACIB, & Group 4

Drakesleat Win Tin Tin and his sister May Contain Nuts have made a promising start to their show careers.. Tin Tin best puppy Dog at the Dachs Club, beaten by Nutty, Best Puppy and Bitch CC. She was at the following show the Midland Dachs and won the Res CC, Best Puppy and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.. 2013..Tin Tin was Best dog at Boston and Manchester and res CC to kennelmate Noddy at the Southern dachs, where his sister was CC & BOB




                    Drakesleat Round n' Round shown here at the Dachshund club best puppy in show competition.. Whilst she didn't get anything we were delighted at   her composure & showmanship.. "Rounders" now     has two Reserve CCs, & beat kennel mate Neils on Wheels for best puppy here.. Mass Wisteria won another CC, & the Dog CC sired by Otto Bahn.

The Drakesleat gang