Overseas Champions



Irish Wolfhounds


It Ch Drakesleat Abaigeal (Ch at 16mths)




Int/ Fr Ch Drakesleat Sir Francis

(top winner in France between 1974-1979 with 25 CACIBs)

& many best in Shows



Eryk in the Uk

in california

Eryk the Champion !                        Eryk at 12 mths old in the UK

Am Ch Eryk of Drakesleat


Ger Ch Drakesleat Red Rufus & some Drakesleats


Can Ch Drakesleat Juglour

the worlds youngest ever Ch at 6mths 22 days


Kyla as a puppy and junior

Can Ch Drakesleat Kyla



S A Ch Drakesleat Ragdas

sister to Ch's Runen & Roisin




Int/ It Ch Drakesleat Tryn


Can Ch Warryk of Drakesleat


at 10 mths old still at Tan Cottage

S A Ch Drakesleat Mac Lir (brother to Ch Abygeal & Cristin)




UK/Am Ch Tanat Trouble at Drakesleat

Group winner UK, BIS all breeds USA


Mynks 6 mths old

Fr Ch Drakesleat Mynks


Fr Ch Tellyk of Drakesleat




Uk /S A Ch Drakesleat Odyt

Top Hound 1992   3 All Breed Best in Show

Reserve BIS Crufts 1993 with nearly 21,000 dogs !

BIS winner South Africa