Rocky .. a sculpture ..Ch 'Alo 'Alo

sculpture by Patsie Anne

Pedro .. a sculpture .. Ch Spaghetti Junct.

Sculpture by Gina Hardy

Finn .. Ch Runen

A porcelain model by Eve Pearce

Presentation box for Ch Stakes finalists

Qualifier Ch 'Art Frob.. a porcelain jigsaw

Pedigree's  21st anniversary of running the stakes

"Off to the show".. Gift to Zena of some of her hounds for judging the 40th anniversary show of the Northern Basenji Club 2007

Jim.. a pencil drawing .. Ch Klunk Klick

Ch Simon .. a watercolour by Karen Lord

 The Drakesleat JP Dachshunds in Japan, opening the Saki bottle, congratulating their British relatives on a good year!