One of our most important dachshunds at Drakesleat, Fido.. the most intelligent of any we have ever owned. sire of one litter only as he was very over size, but he is behind all the Top winning Japanese dogs we have owned, including the Top Min Wire for 2006.   Fido.. was the master of many, many tricks which he loved to perform given the slightest encouragement . He lived to well over 15 years, never spent a day in kennels, or away from his home, although he was the star of the football advert for Adidas when the World Cup was played in Japan, along with other ball players Ris Otto, Simon Parsnip, and eight of the girls.







^Drakesleat Brown Sugar the dam of Jeff's first Champion


<another photo of Dick Dastardly sire of Brown Sugar                


all go back to the Ballyteckel's


Range Rover  Ch Riff Raff  Ch Miss Alliance  Missing Link

Ch Selwood Dittany




              Champion Silvae Handymouse        

Champion Selwood Poinsettia

 Klyndax Miss Mandy the first dachshund at Drakesleat, rescued for 5, after rearing 4 litters including a reserve CC winner, arrived with a broken pelvis and many problems but lived till she was 16 years old


Champion Witch Doctor of Cumtru


 Chipmunk of Cumtru    


Woolsack 1888 .. all Drakesleat's trace back to this hound

    Special Offer : sire of Fr Ch Drakesleat Dark Secret,                        & Pendean Polyanna with  

                  Dick Dastardly      Brown Sugar

Dick at 8 years

    Two early Champions

JANE .. The first Min Wire Champion

    Aggie one of the first imports

Billy Budd behind most Miniatures of the present day

    1963 Ch Peredur Pimento (behind all the Drakesleat's) the breed record holder until Klunk Klick .. Dog CC Birmingham city BOB Ch Rigol Phantom Phobe      judge Mary Howard 

Tryg with Jus as easy, 'Ai Say, and 'Ai Jinks - the three boys all top stud dogs, Jinks breed record holder


                  Brown Sugar  Ch Yer I Be  It Ch Abby Tat  Ch Ai Jail  Dick Dastardly  Ch Kalamity Kate  Ch Scarlet Woman  Range Rover