Pedigree of Champion Pellismer Deal to Win Drakesleat

Home pics! He caught us on the hop, winning his title so quickly

 "Dealer"  Grey brindle

Born 01.10.10

Breeder : Gerry Lancaster



Notable Wins

A Champion within a month!

2012 Dachs Club Wales Ros Rawson CC
2012 Northern Dachs. Club Juliet Cooper CC
2012 Hound Show Scotland Guy Jeavons CC BOB
2012 Midland Co Ann Kennedy CC BOB
2012 Midland Dachs Mike Gadsby Res CC
2012 LKA Roy Wood Res CC


Ch / Jap Ch Drakesleat JP Trier Winshoten Top Sire 08 Top Stud Dog 09/10/11 Ch / Jap Ch Drakesleat JP Baro Trier

Top Stud Dog Hound group

Int Ch Laughable Rock K JP Denice Baro
Laughable Rock JP Joi Christi
Jap Ch Drakesleat JP Simon Holly

Top Bitch Japan 2002 

Ch Drakesleat Simon Parsnip
Ch Drakesleat Art Frob
Pellismer Sno Bigdeal Ch Drakesleat Otto Bahn Top M/W 05 Top Stud Dog Dachs club 2011 Ch Drakesleat Ris Otto
Ch Drakesleat Lettuce Pray
Drakesleat Stone the Crows Ch Verrami Brown Doff
Ch Drakesleat Lettuce Owt

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