25 Champions currently at home,  here are 17 of them..

Deal to Win, Knot on yer Nelly, Voo Lay Voo, Otton the Scent, Ethics Girl, Lettuce Inn, Win Alot, No Stone Unturn'd, Rupee Wax,

Sat Sumo, Rolling Stone, Sally Forf, Winsum Losesum, Cheez Doff, Lady of the Lake, Surely you Jest, Otto Bahn


& German CC winner first time ever awarded in the UK!

Win Alot wins his sixth group 1 and 26th group placing Richmond 2012

& Ch Mass Wisteria Best Of Breed at Crufts march 2012


Best Puppy in Show Midland Dachs November.

           Drakesleat May Contain Nuts..


Best Puppy in Show Dachs club of Wales 2013 Drakesleat Scent Sybil

Nutty has now won 2 CCs and a reserve CC from her 6 shows so far, 

and was runner up overall Pup of the Year all breeds stakes at the Hound show, her first show!

Best of Breed Southern Dachs 100th anniversary show in 2013.. and she was still a puppy




        1st show..Res Best Puppy in show Great Joint Dachs 2010     Tracker wins his first irst CC at the Welsh Kennel Club from the Junior class.. next show the Dachs Club   where he wins the Reserve CC to Win Alot!

"Tracker".. Ch Drakesleat Otton The Scent (13 mths)

   Sire : Ch Drakesleat Otto Bahn                                            Top Stud dog so far in 2011

  Dam : Ch Drakesleat Lettuce Inn   



Tracker.. CC Best of Breed & Reserve Best in Show Dachs Club of Wales

(Bitch CC Sally Forf)

CC Best of Breed WKC  all three major awards won in Wales!

below : Track in the group


"Tracker" his lovely head  photos Will Harris


   Favour..    Drakesleat Ott Favourite ..  daughter of  Tracker, Best Bitch Southern Co  ( BOB Luis)

Reserve CC (to a daughter of Winshoten) at the Wirehaired Dachs Ch Show

Favour wins her first CC at the Hound show. ( Best of breed Noddy)


Reserve CC at S.K.C our new youngster Drakesleat Rupee Wax, her older kennel mate Sally Forf winning the CC, with BOB and group 1 to Luis

Ruby.. CC Paignton ( BOB Luis)

 CC W.K.C ( BOB Tracker)

Ruby is from the last litter of Ch Ris Otto, her sister Mass Wisteria is now a Champion

below Ruby stripped out & looking good!

       Ruby now Champion Drakesleat Rupee Wax                        CC Best of Breed LKA.... last show of the year.




Hound Show 2011.. 1st Show for Round Robin !! Reserve CC to Luis & Best Puppy, & his second show Reserve CC to Luis & Best Puppy, & Res B Puppy in Show (Wire Club)

His sister Round n' Round also has a Reserve CC from the puppy classes

      Robin Best Puppy LKA making him the top puppy for 2011 



In 2010  New youngsters "Otton the Scent" by Otto Bahn

& "Sally Forf" (by Win)  make an impact straight away!!

Otton the Scent (Tracker) wins Reserve Best puppy in Show at the Great Joint Dachs & Reserve CC Birmingham, Sally Forf wins Best Puppy in the Hound Group & the Reserve CC to her half sister also at Birmingham Nat. Only beaten by other Drakesleat's


Champion Drakesleat Sally Forf .. Best Puppy in Hound Group Birmingham            Best Bitch & Best Puppy Border Union, Southern Counties & Blackpool all in June! Start of July & Sally wins ...Best Bitch at Peterborough, & then in sept....  Best Bitch at Darlington, & Driffield

every time Luis was best of breed

she also has three Reserve CCs


SALLY wins her first CC Dachs club of Wales & one week later CC Best of Breed & Reserve Best in Show Min dachs club, & her third show in 2011 CC Best of Breed & Reserve Best in Show Hound Show of Scotland 

CC SKC ( Best of Breed Luis)

SALLY top bitch for 2011



Hound Association of Scotland:

Reserve Best in show

Reserve BIS the Min W/h Dachs, Drakesleat Sally Forf,  a super bitch, pressed winner very hard.  True feminine expression, good neck & shoulder placement, correct   coat, used her strong quarters to advantage on the move. Made up on the day. Judge Stuart Milner

breed critique judge Graham Hill

1st Open.. Thorn Andrews Drakesleat Sally Forf. This is an outstanding  bitch who is not yet two years old. for me, she is something special in the breed and has the prospect of a fantastic show career. Today she was outstanding. She stood & moved impressively. She possesses breed and conformation qualities in excess, & has a super profile of ideal proportions & balance. She has length & is low but with enough length of leg to move with freedom & accuracy. She excels in head shape, expression & proportions. Alert in eye, good length of neck of ideal shape & set. Firm sturdy body of desirable length, depth & spring of  rib. Disciplined and confident in standing & moving giving of her best the whole time. She continued to impress me with her sound flowing movement in front & drive from the rear. Well deserved bitch CC,  Best of  Breed & later Reserve best in Show.


This is "Mayhem" .. Champion Drakesleat No Stone Unturn'd   

Best puppy at Midland Counties

1st Junior Dachs club Wales

1st Junior Miniature Club

1st Junior Hound show Scotland


 CC BEST OF BREED Three Counties 2011 (beating Win Alot!)








Ch Drakesleat Mass Wisteria

Reserve CC Leeds

CC BEST OF BREED Lancs & Cheshire Dachs club

Res CC Midland Dachs

CC Midland Counties

CC BEST OF BREED Great Joint Dachs

CC Dachshund Club

"WISTY" a Champion & 4 CCs within a month!!

Top Bitch for 2011 on points (Dachshund Club)




  o           Now in the USA with 5 CCs including BOB Crufts 2012
First show of 2012 and Pellismer Deal to Win Drakesleat goes to his first show the Dachs. club of Wales, and wins the Dog CC at 13 mths old.. reserve CC kennel mate Drakesleat Noddy Doff

2nd show of 2012 & Ottoff The Press wins his second CC!  3rd show of 2012 Dachshund of the Year Ch Win Alot

                Dachshund puppy of the year Round Robin

4th show of 2012 Ch Mass Wisteria Best of Breed Crufts

5th show of 2012 Deal to Win CC

6th Show of 2012 Zena judged

7th show of 2012 Deal to Win gets his third CC & BOB!! Ch Winshoten sires his 8th Champion. Noddy Doff wins his 3rd Res CC

Zena & Luis after their spectacular win of Dachshund of the Year for the third time.. 2006 Ch Once,   2008 Ch Winshoten ( Luis won again in 2012) making it 4 times over the 10 year history of the event!

Crufts supplement 2012.. Both Zena & Jeff are judging, so not exhibiting        Noddy is now a Champion winning the CC at the Southern anniversary show ( Best of Breed was kennelmate Nutty)

Luis ..CC (his 39th) Best of Breed and the German CC (first time these have ever been awarded at British shows) at Birmingham 2012. His first show in the classes for this year. Judge Frau Tanja Backes.                  photo by Ian Seath    Luis ..CC (his 40th) Best of Breed Bath show  may Bitch CC by                 Ch  Drakesleat Otto Bahn, ( his 11th CC winner, and 8th Ch)


Emma Black's Drakesleat Cheez der One for Bassodon Best of Breed

East of England show july 12


Ch Drakesleat Trix of the Trade wins her first CC at 3 Counties, here being handled to a win by Gerry Lancaster, (breeder of Deal To Win) she won her next two CCs in double quick time in 2012, and was reserve BIS at the Gt Joint dachs club entry 514

   Luis ..CC (his 41st) Best of Breed Windsor, then Best of breed and Group 1

                 at Richmond.. his second group win there