Chug..Ch Jus' As Easy

Mandy.. Ch Mandy Pumps

Icy .. Ch Ai' See

Zena .. a cartoon from the USA

Donny .. Ch Fusileer

Fred.. Ch Kyak.. on a Royal Worcester porcelain plaque

Finn .. Ch Runen

Taker .. Ch Take the Rap

Yogie .. Ch Yogie Bear

Holly .. Ch Holly

Shea .. Ch Simon

Dick .. Dick Dastardly

Weasel .. Ch 'Ere 'Ere

Sovryn .. Ch Sovryn

Ch Tahawi Belinda .. a gorgeous head study

Belinda .. Ch Tahawi Belinda

 Gift from the Poodle Klub of Sweden for us both judging their show. Featuring a Tahawi Saluki, Drakesleat Dachs & Wolfhound

A life sized painting of Shea .. Ch Simon

Shea -- his wonderful head.. Ch Simon


Leonard Pagliero & Ch Guinness

Alyn .. Ch Alyn

Rocky .. Ch 'Alo 'Alo    

Another painting of Icy on silk ..