From "The Dachshund" by Bruce Fogle..Ch Hobs Tickle & friend hunting   From "Hounds & Terriers" by Ronald Delaney.. Ch Rags t' Riches


                    From "The Wonderful World of Dogs"...Ch Kalamity Kate relaxing on her bench at a show                           From "153 Razze Di Cani". .. Italian Ch Abagail


              From "Photographing Dogs" By Sally Ann Thompson... 7 Champions                                          From the "Kennel Club Illustrated Breed Standards".. 5 Champions



                          From the "Kennel Club Illustrated Breed Standards"... Ch Kryn & Ch Sovryn                                                   From "Dachshunds" by E. Heeson...Ch 'Ai Jail



  From "Dachshunds" by E. Heeson....Dick Dastardly (he was not a Ch)                                           From "Dachshunds" by E. Heeson....Int Ch Komma


                                   From "Dachshunds" by E. Heeson.. 5 Champions                                               From "Mission Accomplished" by F.Somerfield..the first IWS        t                                                                                                                                                                 Committee & Kyak              



                           From "Mission Accomplished" by F.Somerfield.. the first IWS Top Twelve                              Front Cover of "The Dachshund"....Ch'Ai Jinks             

                           Ch Iseult & Ch Kyak



           From " The Irish Wolfhound" by John Gordon.. Ch Simon                                                  From "All about the Dachshund" K Raine.. 4 Champions



                                          From "Photographing Dogs by Sally Anne Thompson... 5 Champions